Marketing the Brand Activation way

Experiential marketing, an advertisement technique that focuses on helping customers experience a brand, goes off track from conventional campaigns that communicate brand and product benefits to a broad audience. Experiential marketing, often known as interaction marketing, refers to a variety of marketing techniques aiming at engaging customers in the product via engagement.

In a nutshell, brand activation is the process of driving consumer actions to interact with the brand. This new approach for marketing is achieved from a range of activities like experiential marketing and sampling. 

When catering to informed customers of today, conventional marketing strategies are not to be trusted. if a person gets an all-around experience of a product through brand activation, an emotional response is elicited. This is where a customer develops a real relationship with the company. 

Marketing can get you sales, but you will get a greater recall, more engagement & sales from experiential marketing. 

If done right, Brand Activation campaigns can do wonders for brand image. Unlike other marketing strategies, an agency understands that ROI and audience engagement are unlike any different marketing strategy.  

According to the brand, experiential marketers assess and ideate to pick the best quality event at the right location, at the right time. 

An experiential marketing agency can weave anything into the event to the final detail, right from the invitations to post-event promotions. Their trained eyes will handle the detail that makes the difference between average and stunning.

In campaigns that have nothing to do with the product itself, it is the branding in the form of souvenirs, stationery, packaging, etc. at the event that leaves a subtle reminder in the visitors’ minds.  

Marketing teams have many things to look after, and chasing after deliveries shouldn’t be one of them. A team from the agency will actively follow vendors to ensure on-time deliveries.

Treasurable memories are the reason the most significant experiential marketing events succeed. According to the communication the brand wants for the desired product, the experiential marketers ensure that the itinerary includes activities and engaging interactions.

Logistics are of prime importance for any event. The success of the event depends on the timely delivery of elements. An agency will assign a dedicated team to stay on top of the logistics and ensure a smooth evening.

Having influencers at your brand activation event gives it an exciting presence online. From picking the influencers with the desired audience to managing their content, a dedicated team from the company will help them publicise the event digitally.  

Experiential marketing is more about making audiences feel closer to the brand than just making it popular. And with the help of professionals, you can give your brand the credit of giving the people a memory to take home. 

Brand activation can breathe life into a brand of any age. Nascent brands, an established one or a brand that wants to get back in the game. The persona of the brand will decide what time of the year or what location would be the best fit for a round of experiential marketing. The end results?

The outpour of emotional attachment to a brand, and conversions that bring in the sweet, sweet revenue.