Content that rocks the world

Does an eye-appealing McDonalds’ hoarding make you stop for fries and burgers at the next McDonalds outlet? Does a catchy line phrase on the bill-board by Castrol oil make you check the product’s features online? If yes, then you are consuming something we call content in marketing. Content is any information designed for the audience to consume. Any communication scripted for enjoyment or for providing knowledge to the readers, which influences them to take action subliminally, is an example of Content Marketing. Content is the king since a brand does not sell a product or service but the idea or experience of that product/service. Content can be consumed in the form of text, image, video, or audio. But as long as it leaves an impact in the target audience’s minds, it is crucial. 

(great content pieces and how they sold something)

Why Content marketing?

Traditional marketing has become less effective by the minute, and as we know, digital marketing has a long way to go. Every individual is glued to their screens 24*7. They have been consuming content online for almost 2 hours every day. There are over 3.6 billion social media users worldwide, which signals why so many brands choose to invest in social media marketing. The most important task for a digital marketing agency is to create content that engages and empathizes with the audience. Content today is the foundation of every digital marketing strategy. It is a pillar for creating a brand brick by brick right from the brand identity to the final action. Many brands choose to hire digital marketing agencies for building their brand image. An agency assists brands to execute their ideas and get them the desired results.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that is executed in multiple forms. This includes blog posts, case studies, infographics, informational video, testimonials, webinars, user-generated content, and email marketing. Blogs are a form of content that helps to educate the audience about a particular topic. Websites use blog content for search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of improving your website to increase its visibility for relevant searches on Google. The process of SEO involves using keywords related to the website into these blogs for organic promotions. Google tracks and ranks websites based on SEO keywords used. Information provided in videos is also a form of content. Video content catches the eyes of the users as it is visually appealing. User-generated content is any content that has been created, published and submitted by users of the brand on their personal social media accounts. This type of content is promoted by the user organically without any kind of monetary exchange with the brand. We tend to notice every notification that pops on our screen, and this is where brands grab our attention with catchy subject lines that drive desirable action from us. This again is content. Content plays a significant role in Email marketing. Email notifications that provide offers to the users make them want to click and consume the content.

Great content pieces and their impact on the market

There are numerous examples of brands whose sales rocketed with the help of content marketing. One catchy tagline or one emotional idea to influence the masses is all a brand needs to capture the market. Let us take an example of Amazon India. Amazon entered the Indian market in 2012 but could not make an impact until 2015 as the Indian audience was skeptical of online purchases due to several reasons like quality and price. Indians used to prefer brick and mortar shopping where they can see and feel the product before purchase. To enter into the Indian markets, decided to use a phrase from Indian popular culture and came up with the jingle “Aur Dikhao, Aur Dikhao” in 2015 that highlighted the real fun of shopping is in choosing, and Indians prefer variety in everything they buy. To further flourish into the country’s rural areas, Amazon captured the masses with “Yeh Apni Dukaan Hai” campaign in 2016 as customers in their daily life use ‘Apni Dukaan’ in reference to the stores that they often visit and are familiar with. Customers then started relying on Amazon for every purchase. While visually, this campaign may come across as a regular montage ad, it’s an insight that shined through. Even a brand like Amazon took to content marketing for entering the Indian markets.


Content plays a vital role in getting conversions for any business. It is an evergreen strategy to enter and flourish in the industry. Every digital marketing and content marketing agency takes hours and hours of brainstorming sessions to develop one catchphrase that creates a unique presence for the brand in the market. That is what makes an agency the best creative agency. Content is information designed for consumption, seasoned for enjoyment, and packaged to share. Therefore, the main objectives of any content marketing strategy are to improve brand awareness, boost revenue, and improve brand loyalty.