The Deffective Dictionary

Hi! Do social media things that kids these days talk about confuse you?

Would you like to know what a ‘tag’ or a ‘GIF’ is?

Do you think social media is not your cup of tea? It’s alright.   

We’ve got you covered. We know we are not supposed to teach daddies how to make babies, but we can teach them how to use social media and become the new-age entrepreneur that maximizes business reach through the digital medium.  

We present to you, an essential social media glossary that will cover all the bases. Hope these can help you learn more about your online business and your offline business that need a digital presence.  

1. Ads Manager: A Facebook tool that can help create and track advertisements on the platform. 

2. Audience: A group of people who see and interact with your social media content  

3. Boosted Post: Posts that are paid to appear to an expanded audience base 

4. Sponsored Posts: Product centric paid content posted on other users’ profiles to garner more eyeballs  

5. Business Manager: a Facebook tool that helps organize and manage your business on the platform  

6. Brand Awareness: The scale of recognition that the brand has among people  

7. Content Marketing: Creating and sharing online content like blogs, videos and social media posts to market your product 

8. Conversion Rate (CVR): A percentage of new visitors who carry out the desired action is. CVR is a simple ratio. Converted Audience/Total Audience ratio.  

9. Cost Per Click (CPC): Price paid for each click on an advertisement in a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign.   

10. Pay per click (PPC): A type of marketing where advertisers pay for every time a potential customer clicks on their advertisement.  

11. Engagement: A measurement of likes, shares, comments and other interactions on a social media post.  

12. Engagement rate: Statistics that track interactions like likes, shares and comments on social media.  

13. GIF: A type of file that supports moving images.   

14. Hashtag: A function on social media under which all content related to the named topic appear  

15. Influencer marketing: A type of marketing in which influencers charge monetary or barter benefits to advertise or promote a brand and its products.    

16. Key Performance Indicator (KPI): KPI serves the purpose of measuring performance. They help track progress toward a business target.   

17. Organic Reach: A metric that shows the number of new users your brand content reached without any spendings  

18. Retargeting: Retargeting: Targeting customers that have previously visited your website or have shopped from you before  

19. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): To make use of most searched keywords for your blog, articles and post copies to rank higher on search engines like google, bing, etc.  

20. Tag: A clickable name on a post that takes you to the tagged person’s profile.   

21. Calls to Action (CTAs): Words or pictures added intended to prompt an immediate reaction. Ex, those flashy ‘BUY NOW’ buttons on advertisements.