Brands must be Gods

Ever wondered what could be the significance of a brand name or the real story behind a brand logo? Many companies embark on the journey to discover the hidden attributes of their brand identity. And what they find out is a link that originates from culture and traditions. There is a persistent connection between modern businesses and ancient methods. Sometimes we notice it, and sometimes we do not.

We come across many well-recognized brands that have been inspired by Greek mythology. The Greek Gods must be petrified to discover how their names are being utilized for branding. Marketers often derive inspiration from the greek culture for branding and logo design. Branding inspired by God’s names is believed to be persuasive and compatible. One of the primary reasons for using mythological characteristics is that they connect well with the audience and convey the right message.

What’s interesting is the fact that many recognized brands have their branding roots inspired by Greek mythology. Let’s look at some of these brands and understand the story behind their logos and name.


Nike, considered to be the most popular and respected brand in the sports business, was earlier known as Blue Ribbon Sports. However, it was renamed Nike in 1978, just 5 hours before its dispatch of the first shipment. But what if we told you the name Nike did not emerge in the USA but has its origin from the Greek culture for thousands of years? 

Nike is the Greek Goddess of victory, and this inspired the brand name. The sculpture of Goddess Nike has always been sculpted with wings. According to Greek mythology, swoosh symbolizes the giver of enormous power and inspiration to the warriors. The iconic swoosh or tick on the logo is synonymous with the brand in a way that there is no need to look for the brand name on the product.


We all know that Dove is a global body care brand. The Dove symbolizes love and peace. Although the reference may be unknown to its consumers, the brand name and logo is inspired by the symbol of the Greek Goddess – Aphrodite. Aphrodite was the Goddess of beauty. Dove is one of the many motifs of Goddess Aphrodite. Since the start, women have been the biggest motivating factor for the brand. Promoting the real beauty of women, the brand has focused on making women feel beautiful.


When thinking about world-famous coffee brands, you can not miss out on everyone’s favorite Starbucks. It is an American giant coffee house loved for its style, ambiance, and most importantly, its coffee. The brand was launched in 1971 as a coffee bean business. You will be surprised to know that the Starbucks logo has originated from the Greek culture. According to Greek mythology, sirens were strange figures believed to entice sailors. Just like a coffee brand would aim to lure coffee lovers from around the globe. The siren on the logo design is inspired by an image of the mysterious two-tailed mermaid.

The symbol of the siren was meant to be as alluring as their coffee. Today, the brand logo’s recognized worldwide, and the world-famous coffee brand – Starbucks.

And then, many such brands have found inspiration from ancient traditions and cultures. The Maserati Emblem, Versace logo, NBC Peacock logo are just a few of the many names that have traces from the Greek culture. Isn’t it astonishing that these cultures and traditions are a part of our daily lives, whether we realize it or not? Brand name and logos don’t pop up one day from the blue; there is always a story behind it. The more you read, the more you understand how branding works.