and, To Create,
Let’s Collaborate!



Who are we?

We are long-lost friends that came together three years ago and ventured onto this beautiful journey of building something. We curate the most beautiful experiences for our clients, and we do it creatively. Together, the 4 of us and our incredible crew love solving your most essential brand problems, and we do it all while having a lot of fun. We combine our creative prowess in Design, Writing, Planning and Shooting to Create the Perfect Experience for you and your people.

Janvi shah

Co-founder and CEO

Dhawal Bhanushali

Co-founder and Creative Director – Events & Video

Jay Bhargav

Co-founder and Head-Business and Strategy

Priya Waingankar

Co-founder and Creative Director – Design

Crewtangle, a happy little collaborative accident which led to flourishing Dreams and Ideas

Our sole aim was to make each event memorable for our clients without compromises. This led us to build a bigger crew which soon outgrew our little co-working den. Thus, we started scouting for a bigger office: A home to let our dreams and ideas come to life.

Just as we managed to complete the paperwork, we realized the world had other plans. Bang! Came a shutdown, a must for humanity and the thing that led us to a Stand Still. After what felt like an eternity, finally, when the doors of our new office opened, the doors of our industry remained shut.

Like any other business, we did experience our challenges too and we were ready to face them! We were always resilient and knew that we had to chart a completely new journey to our destination. We started the Brand Design unit which immediately received a great appeal from the Industry.

Today, the 4 of us along with our Creative Crew solve both – your Offline Experiential and your Brand Design problems. And, we like to make all things beautiful.





We understand that there is no one way to get your marketing right. Hence, we offer creative solutions in the real and the digital world.



Creativity and Consistency are synonymous. We are consistently efficient with our delivery timelines & the quality of our deliverables.


Breaking the Box

While most agencies think outside the box, we unleash ideas with no boundaries for you. We are disruptively relatable.




To Create,
Let’s Collaborate!

As you’d know, the Logo is the first piece of communication for any venture. And we found our strength almost immediately when we finalised our Logo and each of our angles in under three hours. It lies in our ability to collaborate! 

We realised that an Idea is more significant only with the different Angles that support it. And that’s where people with good merit and skills come in. Since then, we have been working with like-minded creative folks that can help us build beautiful things.