5 Types of Social Media Content

It is no secret that having the right social media presence is an integral part of branding today. The very success of a brand depends largely on the frequency and consistency of posts on social media. With the numerous ways to publish content online, a good mix of all such types is essential for an effective content strategy. This blog talks about a few such types of critical social media post content that every brand could weave into their social media game plan.


Almost all platforms started by letting their users create posts. Content published on a user’s account that other users can see on their profile are called posts. An effective schedule of posts would include occasional contests and infographics that engage the audience, and quotes and memes that people would be tempted to share. Variety is key! Videos, pictures, and art must all find a spot among the posts on a page. To add credibility, a brand could even humanise their page by posting about their product or service testimonies and reviews. Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are a few platforms where audiences prefer to see posts.


First introduced as the primary attraction on Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms started adapting stories for their applications in a few years. Today, the disappearing feature has gained a lot of steam with most brands garnering reach in millions. According to the domain that your brand operates in, you could use stories to provide live updates and other important announcements about your products. Alerting the audience about events and offers is easy on stories. Posting Behind-The-Scenes footage on stories allows the audience to take a closer look into your brand.


After Dubsmash, Musically, Vine and Tiktok popularised the short video content format for their users, other Social Media Content giants have been in a frenzy to take a similar approach. These are called Reels and Shorts on Instagram and Youtube, respectively. Experts claim that Instagram is giving Reels preference for more reach and is pushing it on the screens of many users. These are a great way to reach a very young audience keen on watching short-form videos and showcase a product or service in trending formats


As one of the first forms of online content popularised from the get-go, blogs hold their unique place in internet history. Even today, blogs are an integral part of SEO and other organic reach activities for brands. They should not overlook blogs since they demonstrate a brand’s expertise. As per the functional area of a brand, it could pick topics related to the field. Well researched blogs often end up getting tons of visits and boosting the overall reach of a website. Since a lot of content already exists, planning and writing blogs can prove to be time-consuming. But the perks are far too many to ignore! Brands may choose to post snippets of their blogs or the entire piece on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.


The definition of live streams has changed throughout the years. Today, the real-time feature has become a way for content creators to interact with their audience face-to-face. Livestreams have a reputation for feeling candid and intimate. Users hop on in huge numbers on the lives to sneak a peek into the brand’s inner workings. Brands often stream with popular influencers to bring their audience to their page. Streams enable brands to come off as approachable entities rather than being seen simply as companies. Almost all major social media platforms have features that allow their users to stream.
There are tons of social media platforms to choose from, and according to the domain your brand functions in, you could find your audience and manage accounts on three to four platforms. Social media accounts are a great way to build a brand persona online. Are you planning to make one for your brand? Crewtangle will gladly take over!