Top 10 innovative ways to Design your company logo

A logo design is a brand mark for your company or business connoting its core values and mission to accomplish. It is a graphic representation that brings recognition to any enterprise instantly. 

It’s a symbol that defines your business in the market with the power to attract an exodus of clientele/customers. In other terms, you need a creative logo to make your trademark serve as the one-stop solution to the target audience.

And a creative logo design entails a set of values that generates loyalty and efficiency in offering services to a chunk of the audience.

We have prepared a list of 10 innovative ways to design your creative logo

Every business has a symbol or an emblem that exemplifies an idea or a concept, and that concept comes out effectively in the form of a creative logo. 

To display your business logo, one needs to conduct a thorough primarily study on the target audience their brand is serving. To get well-acquainted with your audience and analyse your competitors are the two igniting forces that contribute to making a creative & professional logo design.  

Understanding the target audience lets you keep abreast of what is happening in the consumer segment, highlighting their pain points. A piece of deep knowledge about your brand can help you compute the ability of problem-solving service/ product you place in the market.

Just show don’t tell this expression has been prominent and applicable to writers and designers as it defines creativity in a refined style. Your creative logo is the visual depiction of the service you offer; it conveys the core of the business by just looking at it. 

Even if your business is in the pipeline, it’s required that you leave a specific impression on your target audience. In a way, when your creative logo design has an impactful visual presentation, it becomes audience-friendly. That sets a recognition and recall value for your business through a professional logo design.

There is a formula that works like a charm for any logo design or a creative art-form, and that formula is a CC formula; keep it clean and crisp. 

Filling up the empty area whilst carving your creative logo looks less cluttered and minimally glittered, which gives it an effortlessly resonant appearance. 

In specific terms, it is called a clear space which means to occupy the amount of space to enhance your brand image by a professional logo design. 

Different shapes and sizes have played an integral part in bringing forth messages of various essence. In an esplanade of the market with different brands pitching in for clutching the momentum are selling like hotcakes. A professional logo design is what they rely on in the dire need to achieve excellent brand recall value. 

Shapes leave a drastic impact on our minds since our brains tend to learn with the help of different figures.  

Interesting gradients and textures can enliven your brand’s look and produce the desired recall value among the target audience; a creative logo design always epitomises the brand persona by keeping up with the simplicity.

Colours bring an appeal to the business logo, but the daunting task here is to select the suitable colour palette that defines your creative logo design explicitly.

Our primary colours carry a lot of psychological importance with them as follows-

Red – Depicts passion and power.

Blue– Logic and communication.

Yellow– Optimism and happiness.

Pink– Gentle and feminine.

Purple– Royalty, wisdom and esteem.

The choice of colours for a professional logo design depends on the product or the service that you are market. And it should always have the capacity to evoke emotions in the audiences for building a stronger connection.

Keep the simplicity in the creative logo design going by avoiding the unwanted complications to kill the creativity.

It is not just the design or an image that does all the work; it’s the collaborative contribution of expressions, ideas, colour and logotype.

A professional logo design must encompass the vivid impression of your business & it must be beautiful but workable too.

Always have an eavesdrop or be that eagle-eyed observer of your surroundings.  

A lot goes around, and whatever goes around is relatable to the human psyche and emotions; being a keen observer can provide you with some great insights to draw some inspiration. 

Narrating a story via your professional logo design can help you ace your brand positioning in the market. Since, stories are compelling, it links our brain with the creative logo design that discerns how it can solve our core problem. 

Reiterating the point mentioned above, that’s the cliche; ‘Simplicity is the key’. Although this philosophy has ruled over to keep aside from over-designing, many small businesses follow this rule to offer solutions to boost customer retention & brand loyalty. 

The creative logo becomes memorable with designs carrying versatile features.  The same can be scalable throughout the marketing collaterals brought to life by a professional business logo design.

We all desire a long life! Don’t we? And we must give our business logo a long life too. It’s the latest trend that designers have undertaken to keep the glow of their business mock-ups glimmer for years. And, such creative brand logos must be simple and authentic to their target audience.

One cannot completely rely on human memory in the whole process of creating your creative logo. You are bound to skip something, and that’s where you miss out on a productive point. It’s always essential to have a fresh pair of eyes to evaluate your work. 

After you finalise your creative logo design make a point that you take a second opinion. As it helps you find out the hidden meanings, cultural aspects, and other improvements worthy of incorporating for an effective professional logo design. 

Crewtangle is ever-ready with all vim and vigour to give your business logo a stand-out-in the crowd personality! 

To get your brand a grade of grand stature in the market, you are just a message away from having a professional logo design for your business.