7 ways to build your ‘Brand Identity’

Given below are 7 ways to build a brand's identity design

The term Brand has its meaning in abundance floating across online sites and is often confused with the term logo that represents a part of it and doesn’t define the brand entirely.  

A creative brand design is an identity that carries a set of emotions, perspectives, and a visual-based on human values that help you stand out in the market with a point of difference. The definition given on Google states that a Brand is a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.    

Every brand has an identity!

With a Brand comes a Brand identity the way it stands tall and different in the vast market. Now, imagine you have been speaking to a friend over the phone call without knowing anything about their appearance. So, would you recognise him/her if you happen to meet them in person?   

Similarly, a brand needs an identity, a name worthy of recognition; a creative brand design serves the purpose by giving the brand a face that is easy to remember. 

In a nutshell, a brand identity design is the brand’s reputation, and it signifies the product or service one intends to display in the market. A brand identity design adds more than value to your broader vision, which has more to do with an exodus of customers availing themselves of the product or the service you offer.  

Browse through our 7 building blocks for designing a brand identity.

If you wish to establish a brand have a clear purpose as it defines your existence, it also gives rise to the question of having a brand positioning; the brand purpose and brand positioning differ from each other, whereas both go in parallel.  

Determining a brand purpose is essential to mark an ideal brand identity in a market full of various brands; why do you have a brand? And what does your brand do? Furthermore, it helps you to lead yourself distinctively by offering solution-based ideation.

Similarly, brand positioning highlights the importance of your creative brand design and to whom do you cater for your branding services?  

If we can encapsulate brand purpose and brand positioning to execute the idea into a course of action.  

“Spy on your competitors” It’s an overused phrase but always a tactic in building yourself as a brand. Thorough market research is crucial for understanding the competitive edge of the brand. It is also crucial you learn about the consumer behavior that supports brand identity design.  

Today with the help of technological advancement, one doesn’t need to budge an inch because the required information is just a click away!  

The following are the ways you can follow to conduct concrete groundwork to strengthen your branding and identity design services:

  • The best way is to converse with people around you.  
  • A phone call can enrich your research.   
  • There are other ways to conduct your research, like SurveyMonkey (it can help you garner a lot of information on your platter). In addition, government resources give a powerful emphasis to your findings.

Your brand is the identity that twines around a personality type and defines you along with your professional purpose.   

Brand personality is vital because the audience won’t associate them with the brand. However, they will definitely recognise the brand’ss personality.

  • Here is how you can develop a brand persona: Observe your favourite telly artist, actor/model, musician, or public personality. Once you have figured out which celebrity or artist resembles your brand, you can easily prepare a list of qualities that match your brand and become a brand persona.

Colours play an essential role in crafting a creative brand design. There are several colours in the palette library. To brand your identity and suit the best of your brand persona, choose the colour that represents your brand personality.   

A colour palette gives a tangible component to your creative brand design letting it get noticed in the audience’s eyes, differentiating your brand from the others in the market. 

Typography is a necessary element for developing an exceptional brand identity design. It has more to do with textual representation and the font; a font helps display the brand’s tonality, which prints imagery in the audience’s minds.   

Great typography is only possible with an application consistency with every brand to build a brand identity design.  

The visual imagery of the brand speaks louder in the market than other forms of introduction. Thus, it is essential to trigger the audience’s feelings to garner attention. Repetitive exposure to creative brand design evokes quality and trust in the target audience.

Knowing your foundation and its value, helps you create a brand image. It also helps you weigh your brand’s performance out there in the market.

Designing a brand image builds a perception in the minds of the target group we intend to cater to at large. It is a brand identity design that sweeps into our audience and leaves a benchmark in the market; distinguishing them from the existing brands.  

Your brand identity is your identity & you carry it in every commercial sector to make a difference and offer the best possible solution to your consumers.

Our 7 magic factors can ace your branding journey brilliantly well! 

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