Benefits of digital marketing for your business

We live in a predominantly digital world, which makes the countless benefits of digital marketing a no-brainer for businesses. Without an online presence, you’re missing out on valuable interactions between you and your customers. On top of that, you could be losing that business to your competitors. In this article, we’ll be talking about a few reasons why you should bring the internet into your marketing strategy. 

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the umbrella term for a multitude of online strategies that help promote a business online. Some of the most basic aspects of digital marketing are: 
  • Search Engine Optimization services: It deals with optimizing your website so it shows up in search engines
  • Pay per click advertising: It is online advertising that you only pay for when people click on your ads
  • Social Media Marketing: It uses social media to engage with potential customers
  • Content marketing: It is creating written content, videos, photos, graphics and more to engage with your target audience.
Now that we’ve laid the foundation, let’s build on it with reasons for why you should use digital marketing.

Why does Digital marketing matter for businesses

With traditional advertising, your TV ads, radio ads and billboards are seen and heard by a lot of people. A good portion of this audience is not at all interested in what you’re pushing. With digital marketing, the need to push is absent. In essence, the goal is to have the content, the product pages etc. ready when people want to find your business’ offering. 
So, say you have an e-commerce provisional store, and you publish a helpful guide that helps match people to the right item for their needs. Someone’s looking for advice on the type of provisional item to choose for themselves. With a quick Google search, they find your guide and see that you have the exact item that they need. Essentially, your business was in the right place at the right time. Your business ended up getting a sale because you used digital marketing to have content on your website that converts. 

With digital marketing, you can reach people at the beginning of their journeys, all the way to after they’ve made a purchase. You can use the digital marketing funnel as a way to gauge where people are in the buying process.

Start at TOFU (top of the funnel). 
At the top, people are in the awareness phase usually looking for answers to some general questions like, “What are chia seeds?”, or “Which are the simplest meals to cook for better nutrition?”. More than an instant sale, this stage helps the customer recognise the brand.

Next, we move to the MOFU (middle of the funnel). 
At this stage in the funnel, customers are considering their options, and it’s your job to help them make the right decisions, hopefully ending with a purchase from your business. 
So, maybe someone’s not sure what type of chia seeds they need. You have content published that goes over the benefits of different types of chia seeds. This content piece would obviously be a big help in this person’s Google search.

Finally, there’s the BOFU (bottom of the funnel). 
At this stage, the people are ready to make a purchase. Things like reviews, testimonials and case studies can help guide the customer through the rest of the funnel. They should give people confidence in your service or product. So maybe someone’s almost ready to buy chia seeds from your company, but they’re not sure about the quality. Use a review. Show them how the chia seeds you provide are packed with the right amount of nutrients and antioxidants.

If someone doesn’t make it to the stage of purchase (or starts a purchase but jumps ship halfway through), you can still use remarketing ads to remind them that your business is there for them. With some key touchpoints, your business can guide people from awareness to purchase. 

The beauty of marketing on the Internet is that you can take advantage of the data from each of your campaigns. 
In the research stage of your strategy, there are quite a few tools that exist to help you look at your competitors’ data, find the right keywords, and put together the best action plan. This stage guarantees brand recall more than an instant sale. Then, once the campaigns are in place, you can see the pages on your website which are responsible for driving the most conversions, which ones are causing people to go elsewhere, how effective your ads are, how many people are looking at your social media posts, and so much more. Plus, if you see that your strategy is not working, you can make adjustments. Maybe your blog post would be more effective with a headline that’s different, or your bids aren’t high enough for your social ads. 
After the end of these campaigns, you can take a look at all of the data that has come in and make informed decisions about where to take your business next. 

When talking digital ads, you can set a budget and choose a bidding strategy based on your campaign goals so you see the best results for your business. You can even use smart bidding to automate the bidding process with a platform like Google Ads. You can choose from actions like target cost-per-action, target return on ad spend or maximize conversions — depending on how much data your account has with the platform. Digital marketing services like SEO, social media management and content marketing don’t necessarily have an associated cost, excluding any value assigned to time spent on them or purchase of any tools of course. 
The digital marketing umbrella is huge and while you don’t have to take advantage of every aspect, you should at least do some form of digital marketing for your business. It’s proven to drive the growth of the business and generate revenue. If you decide to partner with an agency for your internet marketing, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts at Deffective Duo, a committed Digital advertising agency in Mumbai