The White Teak Company by Asian Paints.

Brand Identity
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Brand Identity
About client

The White Teak Company by Asian Paints is one of India’s leading organized suppliers of luxury lighting and home decor products.

The Challenge

A young but established enterprise that was recently acquired by Asian Paints, The White Teak Company had managed to quickly build a loyal customer base with its premium product range.
However, only the status-conscious Indian consumer was aware about the brand and its premium product quality. The challenge was to create brand awareness for the value-conscious Indian consumer, while still retaining the brand loyalty of the status-conscious Indian consumer.

The Solution

We offered to clarify the brand identity by creating a comprehensive Brand Guide. This consisted of a brand story as well as the design guidelines. We built a brand story that could grab and retain the attention of the value-conscious Indian consumer just as much as the status-conscious Indian consumer. This brand story summed up the new brand positioningA Luxury Home Affair’.

The Results

With an updated brand story, the digital team and the salespeople at the stores were able to reinvent how they communicated with visitors.