Brand Identity
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Brand Identity
About client

 Americano was an up and coming luggage brand in India by Future Lifestyle.

The Challenge

The Future Lifestyle folks wanted a fresh brand identity for Americano—one that could appeal to business class travelers and compete with the likes of Safari, Samsonite etc.  
On conducting market research, we understood that the key requirements of the Indian luggage consumer were durability and longevity. The challenge was to apply this insight and build a brand that demands the Indian consumer’s consideration. 

The Solution

For a new brand identity and a fresh brand story, we initiated work on a thorough Brand Guide.
The new brand name ‘Limo’ was inspired by Limosa Lapponica, a fearless migratory Alaskan bird that is known for the longest recorded nonstop flight—13,560 kms—without stopping for food and rest.
To us, Limo signified a durability and limitlessness that the consumer must experience when thinking about the product. We also created an original insignia for the new brand logo, and the brand story summed up the new brand positioning— ‘Infinite Travel’.


The Results

We gave Future Lifestyle a new, market-ready luggage brand with a fresh story and clear design guidelines.