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The Events Couture was barely two when we were making ourselves seen in the events and experiential marketing space. Be it personal events like weddings, birthdays, celebrations or corporate events like brand launches, corporate seminars or retreats our clients gladly received everything we did for them.

Our sole aim was to make each event memorable for our clients without compromises. This led us to build a bigger crew which soon outgrew our little co-working den. Thus, we started scouting for a bigger office: A home to let our dreams and ideas come to life.

Just as we managed to complete the paperwork, we realized the government had other plans. Bang! Came the lockdown, a must for humanity but brought our aspirations to a standstill. After what felt like an eternity, finally, when the doors of our new office opened, the doors of our industry remained closed. Like any other business would experience challenges, we did too and we were ready to face them! We were always resilient and knew that we had to chart a completely new journey to our destination.

That is when a crew of four creative minds, all of whom came with a different angle, connected to sculpt this unique platform – Crewtangle, a happy little collaborative accident which let our dreams and ideas flourish.

Best Features.


Creativity and Consistency are synonymous. We are consistently efficient with our delivery timelines & the quality of our deliverables.

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Breaking the Box

While most agencies think outside the box, we unleash ideas with no boundaries for you. We are disruptive yet relatable.

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We understand that there is no one way to get your marketing right. Hence, we offer creative solutions in the real and the digital world.

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As you’d know, the logo is the first piece of communication for any venture. The Logo aesthetics, type, design, communication, recall, all of these must fit with what the business has to offer, agree with every stakeholder and ensure efficient communication. But guess what, we managed to finalize ours in a little under three hours. That in itself is a testament to Crewtangle - a compatible crew of four, creatively entangled.

And things have been promising thus far. At barely months old, we were already working with industry biggies like TataCliQ, Future Lifestyle, Marico Ltd, GoPro India, Blackstone Group, Embassy Group and many more. And now, in the year 2022, we are ready to put a dent in the universe with our crew of 30 creative folks.

We are geared and ready to throttle!!

We house two focused divisions that operate within the virtual and real worlds:

* Deffective Duo : Design and Digital Marketing services arm

* The Events Couture : Tailored Events and Experiential Marketing services arm